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What is favi navi?

Basic functionality

"favi navi" is a tool that helps people save, edit, categorize and manage your web favorites. It is especially suitable as your browser start page, you can easily customize your own personalized browser homepage, and provide tools to access your favorite websites anytime, anywhere.

favi navi's characteristic

favi navi provides user-friendly bookmark management functions, realizing functions such as bookmark display, editing, and adjustment within one page, and realizing an operation experience similar to that of local applications;

favi navi also provides a multi-functional search box, which can not only select different search engines to search instantly, or set your favorite search engine as the default, achieving the effect of "press enter key and search".

favi navi adapts to a variety of terminals and operating systems, whether you use a PC, a mobile phone, or a PAD, you can get a good browsing experience.

Common operations

Creat a new bookmark or folder

After the user logs in, a "+" button will be fixed at the bottom right of the page, and you can click it to create a new bookmark or folder.

Edit a bookmark or folder

After the user logs in
Click the floder name directly to edit the name, attributes, etc. of the folder;
In the regular (non-large icon/medium icon) display mode, click the small icon to the left of the corresponding bookmark to edit the link, name or other attributes of the bookmark;

Adjust the bookmark display mode

After the user logs in, click the rightmost icon in the row of the folder name to select the display mode of the bookmark in the folder, and you can switch between large icon mode/medium icon mode/normal mode, according to your preference.
This feature is being developed in a hurry...

Adjust the bookmark display order

After the user logs in, click and hold the bookmark to enter the mode of adjusting the bookmark display order, you can adjust the display order of the bookmark by dragging the mouse, or directly drag the bookmark to another folder.

Adjust the folder display order

Just like adjusting the bookmark order, after the user logs in, it is also directly adjusted by dragging the mouse, pressing the blank space to the right of the directory name, dragging the mouse, you can adjust the folder order.

Import/Export Bookmarks

After logging in, click the portrait icon and choose "My Account" at the top right of the page, and then click the "Import/Export Bookmarks" column in the left menu to import the bookmarks you saved in the browser into Favinavi, or export the bookmarks you have collected in Favinavi as an HTML file for browser import.


Why "Auto get" function doesn't work

When adding or editing bookmarks, it is a very convenient feature to use the "Auto Get" function to get the title and icon of the page link. But for a number of reasons, the automatic function will not always succeed. There are several main reasons:
1. The link you add is an intranet URL, such as a home network, work network, or school network. Since the server of Favi Navi's website is located on the public network, it will not be possible to directly access the intranet, so the "Auto get" function is invalid for such URLs;
2. If the website you add refuses access to general crawlers, then Favi Navi naturally cannot obtain the corresponding information;
3. For well-known reasons, China's Internet access to some foreign websites will be subject to certain restrictions, so it is natural that sometimes Favi Navi is also powerless.
4. The crawler program of this site is not mature enough to do the best, please inform us on the message board where we need to improve, thank you!