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favinavi, enjoy the ultimate experience of bookmarks management

favinavi, a customizable web favorites, is committed to creating a convenient and practical URL collection tool.

favinavi has the following features:

1. Integrated multi-function search box, built-in multiple mainstream search engines, that is, you can temporarily decide which search engine to use to get better search results, or you can set your favorite search engine as the default, just press enter key and search.

2. A single page realizes the functions of browsing, editing, and managing bookmarks and directories, which is convenient and intuitive and shortens the user's mouse movement distance as much as possible.

3. The new version of the website will be adapted to both PC and mobile phone, and the large and small screens will enjoy a unified website favorites at the same time.

4. Similar to the operation experience of the application. On the PC, the display order adjustment of directories and bookmarks can be achieved by dragging and dropping the mouse.

5. For users with a large number of favorite URLs, the function of batch transfer and deletion is provided, which is convenient to adjust your collection at any time.

Favinavi user registration agreement

Favinavi is committed to creating a good user experience, protecting user privacy, and protecting user data.

1.Favinavi web favorites service is currently free for the time being, you can use it as you like. Fee-based membership services may be introduced at any time in the future.

2.Favinavi will try its best to ensure the normal operation of this site and the security and accuracy of user data, but this site does not guarantee under any circumstances (such as Internet failure, hacking, service interruption caused by other force majeure factors, etc.) can provide the service required by users. Favinavi will not be liable for any loss caused by the loss of user favorites data for any reason, nor will it bear any loss caused by hacking or cracking of user privacy collections or leakage of private document content. Users can clearly understand the above facts and export their data as a backup in time in case they need it. If in the future after the launch of the paid membership service, if you encounter any user data corruption or loss, other incidental economic loss or any other form of loss, Favinavi shall refund up to the membership fees already paid by the Member User as compensation, Favinavi is not liable for compensation of any kind other than this.

3. For security and practical reasons, favinavi has set certain limits on the total number of directories and bookmark items allowed to be saved by each registered user, please note and understand. If you don't have enough space, you can solve it by signing up for another account.

4.Favinavi will improve the functions and services of this site without notifying users. All improvements will be made as much as possible without affecting the user's usage habits.

5. Users using Favinavi services must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the country (or region) where the user is located and the People's Republic of China, and shall not collect illegal websites and documents, otherwise all legal consequences and responsibilities caused by this shall be borne by the user. Favinavi may, as the case may be, remove undesirable links or documents without prior notice to the user.

6. The email address provided by the user at the time of registration will be used to send a notice of password reset if the user forgets the password, or for the exchange of opinions and communication between this website and the user. Favinavi will not disclose the user's email address in any way, nor will it be used for sale for profit.

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